The A - Z of Friendship

A Friend....
(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up on you
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over
(J)ust to "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(O)ffers support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plain things you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

-- Author unknown. Sent by Martha

A Friend is a Treasure

A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure
For our friendship is a gift,
A friend is someone who fills our lives
With beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the world we live in
A better and happier place.

-- Author unknown. Sent by Martha

Some Friends Stay Forever Near Our Hearts

(originally titled"Forever Near")

As we walk our path of life,
We meet people every day,
Most are simply met by chance,
But some are sent our way.
These become the special friends
Whose bond we can't explain
The ones who understand us
And share our joy and pain.
Their love contains no boundaries,
So even when apart,
Their presence embraces us
With a warmth felt in the heart.
This love becomes a passageway
Where even the miles disappear.
And so these friends God sends our way
Remain forever near.

-- by Lisa Vetter, Iowa
-- Sent to me by Martha

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