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Mind & Spirit

Inspiration Lane

The 'Net has been the source of some very inspirational stories. Friends and family have blessed my day by sending many of the following items to me. As a Christian, I make no apologies that many speak of God and His Son - my faith is the source of my inspiration and motivation.

The spot is called "Inspiration Lane" because as I think of the term "information super-highway", I'd like this spot to be considered an "exit" that has many restful places to stop and refuel the mind and soul. I hope you find these stories as touching as I have.

I don't know the authors of many of these pieces. I try to give credit where credit is due. If I remember who sent it to me, I give credit for the "gift". If any item is your property, please let me know.

10 Rules Kids Won't Learn in School
Angel For You
Angels At the Door
Around the Corner
Attitude is Everything
Bless My Computer
Candidate for a Pullet Surprise
The Carpenter
The Cracked Pot
Death of Common Sense
Does God Still Speak?
Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost A Cent
Einstein Quotes
The Empty Egg
Food for Thought
God's Boxes
God's Voicemail
Heart Systems Helpdesk
How to Solve a Problem
How Much Are You Worth?
How Rich Are You?
Just Checking In

The Lesson
The Letter
Life Instructions
The Lil' Girl In the Park
The Man In the Glass
My Father's Eyes
The Painting
The Pearls
Prayer for Our Country
Precious Stone
Puppies for Sale
Reflections: From the Other Side
Smiles and Smiling
Something for Stevie
Something Better Coming
Special People
Story To Live By
More Tidbits
Twenty Keys to a Happy Life
Value of Time
What God Won't Ask You
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
We We Turn Out The Light
The Whole World as 100 People

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