Special People

The special people in this world are the most precious and the most appreciated people of all. No matter what happens, they always understand. They go a million miles out of their way. They hold your hand. They bring you smiles, when a smile is exactly what you need. They listen, and they hear what is said in the spaces between the words. They care, and they let you know you're in their prayers.

Special people always know the perfect thing to do. They can make your whole day just by saying something that no one else could have said. Sometimes you feel like they share with you a secret language that others can't tune into.

Special people can guide you, inspire you, comfort you, and light up your life with laughter. Special people understand your moods and nurture your needs, and they lovingly know just what you're after. When your feelings come from deep inside and the need to be spoken to someone; you don't have to hide from, you share them... with special people.

When good news comes, special people are the first ones you turn to, and when feelings overflow and tears need to fall, special people help you through it all. Special people bring sunlight into your life. They warm your world with their presence, whether they are far away or close by your side. Special people are gifts that bring happiness, and treasures that money can't buy.

-- Unknown Author (sent by Martha)

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