The Whole World as One Hundred People

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this:

There would be:

57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 from the Western Hemisphere (north and south)
8 Africans

52 would be female
48 would be male
70 would be non Christian, 30 would be Christian
89 would be heterosexual, 11 homosexual

59% of the entire world's wealth would be in the hands of only 6 people
    and all 6 would be citizens of the United States
80 would live in substandard housing
70 would be unable to read
50 would suffer from malnutrition
1 would be near death, 1 would be near birth
Only 1 would have a college education, and 1 would own a computer

-- Unknown author

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