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* Turn off water, gas, and electricity.
* Secure all windows and doors.
* Take small valuables and important papers, but travel light.
* Take small games and toys for children.
* Take all medication that you will need.
* Leave early; if possible, travel during daylight hours.
* Leave food and water for pets, if other arrangements have not been made.

Things to take with you:
* Battery-operated radio and flashlight
Extra batteries can be handy, too.
* First Aid kit
Bandages, wraps, aspirin/pain relief medicine, etc.
* Blankets or sleeping bags
Shelters may have these but you will be more comfortable with your own stuff.
* Extra clothing and footwear
Closed toe shoes, rain gear, work gloves.
* Extra medications, eyewear, and hygiene kit
Contacts and solutions, deodorant, etc.
* Lightweight folding chairs and/or cots
Again, you will be more comfortable with your own stuff.
* Personal items including books and toys
These will help you pass the time.
* Infant necessities
If you have an infant :-).
* Important papers
Valid ID, insurance information, phone numbers to contact family, etc.
* Cash
Remember, ATM machines will not work in a power outage.

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